Celebrating National Quilting Day at the Folk Art Center

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Display of Keepsake Quilts

Connie Brown aids visitors in learning more about their own quilts.

Robin Brooks demonstrating how to make "string" quilts.

Saturday was a lively day at the Folk Art Center. Not only were the Carolina Mountain Woodturners meeting in the auditorium (which always draws a great crowd), the SHCG was also celebrating National Quilting Day.

Connie Brown and Robin Brooks, both members of the SHCG and the Asheville Quilt Guild were demonstrating in the lobby. Connie presented an exhibition of family keepsake quilts. She also stayed busy all day helping visitors learn more about their own quilts. Connie was able to help them identify patterns, time periods and other interesting bits of information.

Robin Brooks demonstrated quilting on a small scale by showing first hand how she makes string quilts.

Several people were interested in the techniques used when working with t-shirts. Connie provided a handout that explained the technique she used for working with t-shirt fabrics. For visitors that had further inquires about the process she would show them the materials she used and how to prepare and stabilize the t-shirts.

Many people had questions about vintage and antique quilts. Many brought in their quilts for Connie to give suggestions about use or care of the textile or for her to give them general information about the quilt. Crazy quilts were a common theme with 3 different people bringing in a crazy quilt, all very different but all having that special hand embroidery that was fashionable during the Victorian era.

This National Quilting Day was the perfect example of how quilts can be a common and connecting thread. On several occasions, as a visitor was getting information about a quilt, a second visitor would make a connection. "I think I know you" or "Don't I know you from somewhere" was heard over and over, and before you knew it these visitors were reminiscing about past events. One visitor was a "blast from the past" for Connie, in the fall of 1996 they both worked at Erwin High School. A very special visitor from Black Mountain, rushed in near closing time, she just wanted to share a quilt that she had made in the 1960's, a wonderful hand appliqued "Tree of Life." Come to find out she and Connie have a mutual friend. Of those that brought in quilts, almost every one of them made a connection to someone else. After all-it is a small world.

Speaking of "small world", people were amazed by Robin Brooks' miniature quilts. Over and over, you heard "the pieces are so small, I don't know how she does that." Robin used her antique sewing machine to demonstrate how she makes them. Visitors loved seeing a vintage sewing machine and loved the fact that Robin was actually sewing with it. Robin displayed several family keepsake quilts and was delighted to share their history with interested visitors.


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