Wow! Just looked at the calendar only to realize Christmas is next week. I'll have to admit working at the Folk Art Center can bring out the procrastinator in me because I know I can always go downstairs and do a lot of my shopping right after work. That said, the weeks leading up to the holiday I walk through Allanstand thinking of ideas about perfect gifts so I thought I would share some with you:

Teacher gifts:

Christmas tree ornament by Walt Cunningham of Zirconia, NC ($21)

Christmas tree mini ornament by Jeff McKinley of Asheville, NC
($10 - $16)

Handwoven guest towel by Peggy Whitted of Sevierville, TN ($15.50)

Gift for Mom:

Ceramic bowl by Laurey-Faye Long of Sylva, NC ($91)
and salad tongs by Allegheny Treenware of Thorton, WV ($31)

Gift for Dad:

Wood kalaidescope for his desk by Alice Houser of Spruce Pine, NC ($95.50)

Gift for High School or College student:

Journal by Darryl Maleike of Asheville, NC ($81)
and polymer clay pen by Irene Semanchuk of Asheville, NC (30.50)

Gift for Neighbor:

Ceramic mug by David Grant of Maryville, TN ($27)

Gift for Niece or Nephew:
Toy train by Richard Nease of Gore, VA ($41)

Gift for sister or friend:
Sterling silver earrings by Barbara Joiner of Brasstown, NC ($54)

Gift for brother:
Brontosaurus wood puzzle by Peter Chapman of Bent Mountain, VA ($71.50)

And last, but not least, a gift for me:
Ceramic clock "all is well" by Chiwa of Asheville, NC ($216)