Last week Janet, Denise and I hit the road and headed west to Gatlinburg, TN. February is a busy month of planning for us and whenever we can combine planning with visiting - all the better. We stayed at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts and had a couple of Guild meetings. We also found time to visit with the good folks at Arrowcraft, take a winter hike and eat at the finest Gatlinburg restaurants including the Mountain Lodge (thanks to Jim Gentry's recommendation) and The Brewery (Laurey-Faye Long's recommendation).

Craig Sponburgh, Arrowcraft Manager

Arrowmont's Sandra J. Blain Gallery featuring 15th Sevier County Biennial Juried Exhibition

It's interesting being in Gatlinburg in February. Obviously there are not nearly as many tourists bustling about, but most places are still open and the atmosphere is very relaxed. The hike was beautiful because it had snowed the evening before we arrived. The trail runs right along the river and the rushing water and snow-covered path made for an invigorating walk.

Another highlight of the trip for me was purchasing a Claudia Lee necklace at Arrowcraft - I never seem to leave that shop without buying something. Craig and his staff do an awesome job keeping the shop beautiful! They represent Guild artists well!

While in Gatlinburg many plans were made for the Guild's Annual Meeting which will be held at Arrowmont on Saturday, April 16. We are excited about the opportunity to meet new members, do some Guild business, and most importantly to re-connect with friends. Mark your calendars and we will be sending more information to members once plans are finalized.

Special thanks to the Guild members and staff who were able to join us in Gatlinburg - from the Membership Committee: Laurey-Faye Long, Bill Henry and Hugh Bailey; and from the Annual Meeting Committee: Tamela Wells, Ray Snyder, Jim Gentry, Craig Sponburgh.

Laurey-Faye Long, Hugh Bailey, Janet Wiseman

Mary Dashiell, Jim Gentry, Tamela Wells, Janet Wiseman, April Nance