Craft Education at the Folk Art Center

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Earlier this month the quiet of February was pleasantly disrupted by over one hundred first graders from a local elementary school.  Working with the education committee, Deb Schillo organized a craft demonstration field trip to the Folk Art Center. 

Over the course of three days groups of students rotated through craft stations that included weaving with paper and yarn, broom making, hand building with clay, and yarn weaving a traditional "God's Eye" ornament.  I overheard teachers and students saying this was the best field trip they had ever been on!  It was inspiring the see the children's enthusiasm and attentiveness with their craft projects.  We are grateful to all the cooperative students, school teachers, Guild staff, volunteers, and craft educators who made it successful.  If you are interested in learning more about craft education at the Folk Art Center contact Deb Schillo:  828-298-7928.  

 Diana Gates of Friendswood Brooms gives students some hands-on learning about broom making

 Resident artists from Odyssey Center for Ceramic Arts helped the kids with a coil-built pot.

 Carla and Greg Filippelli of Cranberry Creek showed the kids a yarn weaving technique.
 After learning a little about weaving on a loom the students had the opportunity to weave on their own loom.  Barbara Miller and Teena Tuenge worked with the kids at this station.

Mary Nichols showed the kids how she spins on a spinning wheel.


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